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Goal 2 Empower Disadvantaged People to Improve the Quality of Their Lives

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Support disadvantaged individuals, children and families to progress their formal education and participate in lifelong learning, to progress into employment/ self-employment, and to improve their soft skills and wellbeing.

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Goal 2 of SICAP aims to support disadvantaged individuals aged 15 years and over, children and families to improve the quality of their lives by progressing their formal education and participating in lifelong learning, strengthening their employability and labour market prospects, and improving their soft skills and wellbeing. Supports under Goal 2 should be targeted specifically at individuals who are most disadvantaged in society, who are likely to require more intensive, ongoing, holistic and wrap-around supports. Support provided to individuals under Goal 2 should prioritise multiple and multifaceted interventions that meet the needs of disadvantaged individuals, with less emphasis on once-off interventions.


SICAP supports available:

Employment Supports

SICAP can help you to improve your quality of life through job supports and training:

  •      One-to-one and group supports

  •      Guidance on local employment options and plan your next step

  •      Access to job specific training course such as manual handling or care skills

  •      Improving your CV and interview skills

  •      Development personal skills such as building confidence and self-esteem

Lifelong Learning Supports

SICAP can help you explore educational options that fit your needs:

  •      Pathways to education - accredited and unaccredited

  •      Help with IT skills and digital skills

  •      English language supports

  •      Help with reading, writing and numeracy

  •      A range of personal development opportunities

Some of our courses:

  •      Pathways programme & Headstart - in collaboration with DkIT

  •      Bespoke personal development courses

  •      QQI Level 5 Healthcare Assistant

  •      Proactive Progression Course - interview skills, job searching, updating CV

  •      ICT upskilling - ECDL Start, Full ECDL

  •      Start Smart - IT courses for older people

Start Your Own Business/Back to Work Enterprise Supports

  •      Supports to develop a business idea and business plan

  •      Business advice and guidance

  •      Networking and sharing of good practice

  •      Help to apply for the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance

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