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Early Years Support

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Home Visiting Programme

PC+ is a home visiting programme created to support early literacy, school readiness and early opportunities. It is an evidence based, "learning through play" experience, where the home visitor will visit the family twice a week for 1 hour play sessions designed to encourage the parent to be the child's first and best teacher. Over the course of two cycles, families receive up to 92 home visits and acquire a library of:

  • 46 high quality books and educational toys

  • 46 curricular guide sheets with tips on vocabulary-building, engaging conversation, skill development, social-emotional development, imaginative play, and literacy, music, and art activities.

During the course of the programme, measurable outcomes are recorded to outline development in:

  • Child behaviour traits.

  • Parent and child interaction.

  • Home learning environment.

Home from Home

Home from Home is an amended 12 week intensive version of the ParentChild+ Programme, adopted to facilitate families living in temporary or emergency accommodation.

Baby Massage

Provides physical, psychological and emotional benefits for both parent and baby. This will help you to understand your baby’s nonverbal language and respond with love and respectful listening. The programme is 1 session per week for 6 weeks .

Toddler Yoga

The toddler yoga programme is for children ages 2 - 5. The yoga is taught through popular story books for children and creates a fun and imaginative, but beneficial experience for both parent and child. These are skills you can take home with you so you can continue to bond with your child.

Parent Toddler Groups

Join other Parents and Toddlers for a morning of fun.

This is a great opportunity for the toddlers to interact with their peers, and parents to connect with other parents in their own community.

We currently facilitate two Parent and Toddler groups, in Dundalk and Drogheda, every Wednesday morning during the school term.

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