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Rural Youth

Gaps exist in the diversity of activities available in rural areas for young people, outside of sports. 

There is a need to encourage rural youth participation in issues that affect their daily lives, to build their leadership capabilities and to provide on-going input to the development of future rural youth 

The promotion of youth entrepreneurship and associated training can provide improved pathways for young people to access economic opportunities in rural areas. Actions that develop the social infrastructure of rural areas provide important opportunities for young people to realise their potential. 

Projects might include:
the provision of youth clubs/cafés
 improved access to ICT
 sports/recreation activities
 arts-based projects
 youth development programmes

Young people, particularly those who may be vulnerable, also have distinct needs regarding the type of services they may need to access.

(For the purposes of LEADER, young people are defined as people aged 15 to 40 years.)

Happy Family
Art Fun
Soccer Tricks

For further information on the LEADER

Rural Development Programme please contact

+353 87 1735168

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