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Rural Tourism & Recreation

Welcome to Rural Tourism Development in Ireland.

Tourism plays a very significant role in the rural economy and it is essential that Ireland continues to develop its tourism sector in a sustainable way. Areas such as outdoor rural recreation, outdoor activities, cultural and heritage initiatives, festivals, and other events have all been identified as areas of significant potential that would benefit from investment in order to contribute to the sustainable development of rural tourism.

Other examples of actions that may be supported include:
feasibility studies to explore the tourism potential of an area;
 marketing initiatives;
 the creation of tourism hubs to facilitate a multi-sectoral approach;
 activities that centre on the development and renovation of infrastructure, which contribute to historic and heritage based tourism;
 actions that promote the development of cultural/heritage infrastructure of local significance 
and arts-based activities and events; 
 the provision of amenity and leisure facilities, which can support adventure/eco-based tourism.

LEADER supported tourism projects must comply with relevant Fáilte Ireland and/or other sectoral standards.

For more information on how LEADER can support your tourism project, please contact us. Let's build a future where every journey enriches the traveler and the community alike.

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For further information on the LEADER

Rural Development Programme please contact

+353 87 1735168

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