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Rural Infrastructure & Social Inclusion

Empowering Rural Communities for Inclusive Development

A central focus will be the need to ensure the social cohesion of a sub-regional area i.e. not just to support economic development but also to support social inclusion. Rural Ireland is becoming 
increasingly diverse and it is important to embrace this diversity ensuring that future community 
development recognises the needs of all members of society.

People may be excluded and marginalised from participating in activities that are considered the norm for others in society because of inadequate income and resources. In rural areas, in particular, the low density of population, high levels of out-migration and distance from urban centres, can often result in fewer employment options and lower levels of service provision than in urban areas. In rural areas, people’s experience of exclusion is often compounded by physical isolation

Shaping the Future 

Whether you're a community member, a stakeholder, or a partner, let's build a future where rural Ireland stands as a shining example of inclusivity, resilience, and sustainable development.


The 2023-2027 LEADER Programme: Empowering Rural Communities for a Bright and Inclusive Tomorrow.

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For further information on the LEADER

Rural Development Programme please contact

+353 87 1735168

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