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Enterprise Development

There exists a strong need to facilitate business development in rural areas by providing opportunities and support to businesses and individuals looking to develop rural enterprises. Within this area of support, increased focus should be given to supporting female entrepreneurs in rural communities. 

LEADER can support micro, small and medium enterprises as defined in Commission 
Recommendation 2003/361/EC5. An updated user guide to the SME definition is available on the 
Commission’s website.

Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) have primary responsibility for micro-enterprise in Ireland. LEADER must complement rather than compete with LEO activity; effective systems of collaboration and consultation are required to ensure a coordinated and effective allocation of resources. Supported actions might include investment support or sector-specific training programmes for aspiring entrepreneurs, early stage promoters, social enterprises, start-ups and established SMEs. 

Investing in the Future

Through LEADER, we envision a future where rural enterprises thrive, contributing not only to local economies but also fostering a culture of innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. Join us on this transformative journey as we work hand in hand with entrepreneurs to turn aspirations into achievements, dreams into realities, and enterprises into legacies.

Embark on your enterprise development journey with LEADER support – where growth knows no bounds, and opportunities abound.

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For further information on the LEADER

Rural Development Programme please contact

+353 87 1735168

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